USS Constitution  -  "Old Ironsides"

Our involvement with this great ship was to establish, in the early stages of her most recent refit, her configurations at two points in time, the first in 1803, after her first yard period after construction, and the second in 1812-14, at the height of her career.  We were also tasked with recommending a method of hull reinforcing to arrest further hogging, and to otherwise strengthen the hull.  Based on Humphries' original specifications, we designed additional structural members called diagonal riders, large timbers laid onto the ceiling planking, diagonally from the keelsons up to the underside of the berth deck.  The Navy's engineers then fine-tuned these designs and made them an integral part of the restoration.

Drawings by Iver C. Franzen,  and copyrighted by ICF, TCG, and International Marine.

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