Freedom's Wind

The mission for the sail-training/educational/time-share brigantine Freedom’s Wind is slightly unusual: the crew will be aboard for a semester at a time, studying for their GED from one of the professional crew/educators, in addition to their sail-training activities.  The passengers (the funding source) will be time-share holders, aboard for a week at a time.  Since they’re technically part-owners, the only certificate required here is “R,” for the crew sail-training.  In the meantime, this rather disparate combination of vessel uses presented me with a rather interesting design challenge.  The first of the drawings below is my development of the sail plan and the outboard profile based on Prof. Gillmer's first sketches.  The second drawing is my design for the decks and accommodations layout.  Our clients are very pleased with the result.  The project is presently on hold pending funding.

Drawings by Iver C. Franzen, and copyrighted by ICF, TCG.

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P.O. Box 4044
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Annapolis, MD  21403
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