IVER C. FRANZEN  - Naval Architect, Marine Consultant, Licensed Master

Principal, Iver C. Franzen Maritime, LLC

Design:       Yacht design,  Commercial vessel design,  Historical vessel design, sail and power.

Consultation and Services:     Hydrostatics and Stability Packages (Incline Tests).
                                                   Coast Guard Liaison.
                                                   Factory Consultation,  Inspections.
                                                   Research & Education.
                                                   Public Speaking Engagements
                                                   New AAWPP Stability Requirements and Calculations Assistance after December 1, 2011

Additional Services:      Yacht Deliveries & Commercial Vessel Operations.
(Licensed by the USCG, 500GRT, N.C., Motor, Aux. Sail; 1600GRT OSV)
                                         Marine Services & Consulting.

                                         Marine Accident Investigations (NTSB-trained).

                                      ISM/ISPS Certified Maritime Auditor (discontinued except for Subchapter T and R vessels).              


        SNAME - Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (associate)
        ABYC - American Boat and Yacht Council
        NMHS - National Maritime Historical Society
        World Ship Trust
        INA - Institute of Nautical Archeology
        ASTA - American Sail Training Association
        The Maritime Consortium
        CAPCA - The Chesapeake Area Professional Captains Association
        NMCA - National Marine Charter Association

Work Synopsis:

        On July 27, 1997, the USS Constitution set sail for the first time in over 100 years to celebrate her bicentennial anniversary.  In preparation for her "maiden" voyage, the Navy hired naval architects Thomas Gillmer and myself to perform a structural assessment, to research her original configurations, and to design structural (and historically befitting) remedies for a comprehensive refit of "Old Ironsides".  That process also resulted in a book (Old Ironsides: the Rise, Decline, and Resurrection of the "USS Constitution", Thomas C. Gillmer) that describes and illustrates her history and the complex nature of the project, for which I created many of the drawings therein.  From researching the National and other archives for pictures, drawings, and written records of the ship's original structure and rigging, to confirming the original designer's identity, to designing components for making the vessel stronger and more seaworthy, our involvement in this noteworthy project was a fascinating challenge, and a distinct honor.  (I was later to renew my association with "Old Ironsides" when I had the additional honor of being the captain of the official Navy escort vessel [STARFISH, YP-679] for Constitution's 4th of July Turnaround Cruise in 2003.)
       After I moved to Annapolis following four years in the Caribbean as a charter captain, Tom (a noted maritime historian and author, and retired Professor of Naval Architecture, U.S. Naval Academy) and I worked together on a number of projects in addition to the Constitution.  I first assisted him with the Pride of Baltimore II project in 1986.  The POB II is a full-size replica of a Baltimore Clipper, conducting sail-training and world-wide ambassadorial cruises representing the city of Baltimore and the state of Maryland.   The research and design of the Kalmar Nyckel, for the city of Wilmington, Delaware, is our partnership's most recent noteworthy "tall ship" project, and with whom I continue to have a working relationship.  This ship is a 139' (sparred length) replica of the Dutch pinnaceship which brought the first Swedish settlers to Delaware Bay in 1638, and performs sail-training and ambassadorial duties for the state of Delaware.  Some of our other projects included the Freedom's Wind, a 179' (sparred length) sail-training/educational/time-share brigantine to be based in Newport, Rhode Island; major modifications to the Borja, a sail-training Baltimore Clipper replica based in Singapore; consulting work for a group researching John Paul Jones's ship the Bonhomme Richard; and a number of vessels for individual clients.
        From these, and other interesting projects from my own office, including a new 116' (sparred length) topsail schooner replica, my experience at successfully dove-tailing historical accuracy with modern safety and certification requirements has put me in a unique design niche, and has led to the honor of contributing an article ("Modern Traditional Sailing Ships") to the 2005 edition of the McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science & Technology.  When I am not doing replicas or major reconstructions (see my article in Professional Boatbuilder Magazine, number 63), my design work includes yachts and commercial vessels, sail and power, in both modern materials and wood, as well as work as a consultant, here and abroad.  (See the Franzen PilotCruiser® 57, 49, & 42 pilotyachts® below.)  My design philosophy incorporates a common sense blend of new design ideas and materials where practical, with time-tested and proven concepts and practices to create handsome, logical, comfortable, and well-performing vessels.  A good bit of my work also involves performing design, stability and certification work for USCG certified commercial vessels such as the replica schooner America.  My relationship with the Coast Guard has facilitated the certification process for a number of clients.  I also teach the Cruising & Seamanship Seminars for North U, and conduct marine accident investigations.
        I have also retained my Master's license (500GRT, motor & aux. sail, and 1600 GRT OSVs) and, after many full-time positions in the past (Alexandria, a 140' three masted schooner in Alexandria, VA, 1984 [still called the Lindø then]); Lammer Law, a 98' trimaran schooner dive boat in the BVI, 1985; et.al.), I continue to take on relief captain duties periodically on sail-training and commercial vessels where needed (e.g., the 122' privateer Lynx, the 160' staysail schooner Arabella in New England and the Caribbean, and the 158' topsail schooner Clipper City and cruise vessels Bay Lady & Lady Baltimore in the Chesapeake and Florida), and to do occasional yacht and commercial vessel deliveries as time and inclination allow.  My wife Deb and I lived and traveled on our own boat for 10 years until 1998, including several winters in the Bahamas, where we ran a number research and other charter trips.  We still have that boat, and plan to do more cruising on her again.

Thomas C. Gillmer (1912-2009), Naval Architect - Remembrances of his “Last Student”

A very nice obituary for Tom by Michael Thoele can also be found on the Privateer 26 website - click here.

Capt. Franzen's Summary and his Thouhgts on the USCG Report on the Sinking of the BOUNTY

Capt. Franzen's Paper for the 2013 Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium, published in SNAME's 2013 Transactions:  A Refinement of the Methods Used to Determine the Balance of a Sailing Vessel during the Design Phase, with Application to Sail Design and Subsequent Sail Selection and Sailing Operations.

The final draft published in SNAME's 2013 Transactions also includes an acknowledgement to Professor Bruce Johnson (retired, US Naval Academy), whose gracious advice and help was invaluable to the proper completion of this paper.  My heartfelt thanks to him.

Past & Present Projects:

   "Pride of Baltimore II" (replica of an early 19th century Baltimore Clipper):


   USS Constitution ("Old Ironsides"):


   "Kalmar Nyckel" (replica of a 17th century pinnaceship, sail-training and ambassadorial ship for Delaware):

*Kalmar Nyckel

   "Freedom's Wind" (a brigantine, for use as a combination sail-training, educational, and time-share vessel):

Freedoms Wind

           The above Drawings by Iver Franzen, Copyrighted by ICF and TCG.

   "Berbice" (replica of a late 18th century American schooner, a private, long-range, liveaboard vessel, 74 LOD):



   Full Moontm  -  27' cutter-rigged offshore-capable sailing yacht. Hull #1 built and launched 2004 at Covey Island Boatworks, Nova Scotia.

*Full Moon

** *

   PilotCruisers® 56, 49, & 42:

Below is our new family of long-range, high-speed cruising pilotyachts®.  These 20-28kt semi-custom workhorses will get you there smoothly and expeditiously with strong, lightweight epoxy composite construction, and with systems and layouts sensible and commodious enough to assure long-term comfort both at the dock and on the hook.

   Franzen PilotCruiser® 56:  Construction of this boat has been completed at Constellation Yachts, Key West, Florida.  Launching of hull #1 was in October of 2006, and she made her public debut at the 2007 Miami Boat Show.  Arrangements are under way to present this boat in upcoming boat shows.




Franzen PatrolCruiser® 56:  A variation on the PilotCruiser 56, the PatrolCruiser enlarges the deckhouse and incorporates a
flybridge and seating for outside dining.


Copyright 2001-20011, ICF, NA

   Franzen PilotCruiser® 49:


   Franzen PilotCruiser® 42:



Summary List of a few of my other Projects:

  • Various recent stability tests and submissions to the USCG MSC: 70' university research vessel, 65' tri-hull pontoon vessel, 44' VA state fisheries research vessel; 70' passenger vessel; 140' sailing passenger vessel; fleet of 6 vessels (2 power, 4 sail, including USS Constellation) for Living Classrooms Foundation; assist with USCG Eagle; 40' industrial inflatables; 110' replica Schooner America . . . among many others.
  • Author - Paper for the Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium, "A Refinement of the Methods Used to Determine the Balance of a Sailing Vessel ...," 2013.  Selected by the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) as a "Significant Paper," and published in the 2013 Edition of SNAME Transactions."
  • Assist USCG Marine Safety Center (MSC) in revamping the calculations and structure of the Simplified Stability Test.
  • Co-Author - Paper for the Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium, "SNAME'S Stability Letter Improvement Project for Traditional SailingPassenger Vessels," 2007, B. Johnson, J. Womack, J. Miles, I. Franzen. Winner, the Captain Richards T. Miller Prize.
  • Author - Article for the 2005 edition of the McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science & Technology, titled "Modern Traditional Sailing Ships."
  • Author - IBEX Seminar Presentation: "Stability Standards," an overview and comparison of 46CFR, ISO 12217, RINS, MCS, and SOLAS, 2002.
  • 105' wood Feadship m/y, built 1955 - Major rehabilitation.  Design of unique hull repair technique, consultation/oversight.  Article about this project written by Franzen, published in Professional Boatbuilder Magazine, Feb/March 2000, #63.  Presentation about this project to the regional Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers 2000 fall meeting.
  • Various new designs: 50' liveaboard riverboat; 43' schooner, private yacht; 42' sloop, private yacht; 62' performance motorsailor; 45' schooner, private yacht.
  • 77' commercial passenger vessel - Incline/Stability package for Certification, major design modifications for upgrade of Certificate.
  • Hans Christian 48T - Accommodations and Modifications design for handicapped owner, systems, and construction oversight in Taiwan.
  • "Galileo" - 125' LOD Brigantine for sail-training and research.   Preliminaries complete, Design in progress, on hold pending funding.
  • 75' commercial (passenger) schooner, steel.  Re-design entire sail plan, major hull modifications and below-deck layout modifications, stability calculations and liaison for USCG Certification.  Construction oversight and consultation
  • Tayana Yachts - Five models/sizes.  Custom interior layouts and sail plans, sales support.
  • 35' yawl - Major design modifications and consultation for round-the-world cruise.
  • Major Production Builder - New models, 50' sloop, 61' & 81' sloop/ketch.  For production, design, construction supervision, sales support.
  • Production line of four motorsailors, 38'-56'.
  • Major Production Builder - 65'-75' power yachts.  Custom interior layouts.
  • "Borga" - 75' LOD topsail schooner.  Major reconstruction & modifications.  Design, consultation.  Singapore.
  • Research and Drawings for several other T. C. Gillmer books:  "Pride of Baltimore",  "A History of Working Watercraft."
  • Numerous other design/redesign, modification, stability, and consultation projects.

A few of my commands as a licensed Master, and a few of my other positions:

  • "Lynx"  -               122' tops'l schooner, 40 pax, East Coast, Great Lakes, Caribbean.  Mid-Atlantic relief capt., '15-present.
  • "Clipper City" -      158' tops'l schooner, 150 pax, East Coast, excursion, charter, sail-training, relief capt., '95-'03, Port Capt., '04-'05.
  • "Arabella"  -           160' 3-masted staysail schooner, 40 overnight pax, New England, Chesapeake, Caribbean, relief capt., '05-'07.
  • "YP-679" -            108' US Navy research ship, minesweeper, systems & operations testing for the Office of Naval Research, '03-'04.
  • "Lady Baltimore" - 136' m/v, 575 passengers, Chesapeake, excursion, charter, captain,'95-'02.
  • "Bay Lady" -         140' m/v, 600 passengers, Chesapeake, excursion, charter, captain,'95-'02.
  • "Woodwind" -        74' staysail schooner, 49 passengers, Chesapeake, excursion, charter, '93-'94, occasional relief to present.
  • "Thunderstar" -      75' research vessel, commercial shipping services, support services contract with U.S. Navy research facility, '90.
  • "Lammer Law" -    96' trimaran schooner, 18 overnight passengers, USVI, BVI, dive charter, (chief mate, relief captain) '85.
  • "Dolphin" -            95' schooner, 12 overnight passengers, USVI, BVI, St. Martin, St. Barts, charter, sail-training, '82-'83.
  • "Alexandria" (ex "Lindø") - 125' topsail schooner, 12 overnight passengers, New England, Chesapeake, sail training, '83-'84.
  • Cruising & Seamanship Seminar Instructor, North U, 2003 - 2008, occasionally to present.
  • Senior Captain with SeaTow, fast response boats for commercial assist towing and pilot and crew transfer, 2010 - 2019.
  • Ski Patrol Hill Chief & Coordinator of Grooming Operations, Killington Ski Area, Killington, VT, '75-'80.

Contact Information:

Capt. Iver C. Franzen, NA
P.O. Box 4044
409 Washington Street
Annapolis, MD  21403
Ph:  (410) 268-2105
Fax:  (410) 267-7809
Email:  iver.franzen@comcast.net

For more information about the PilotCruisers®, contact:

PilotCruiser® Motoryachts
web: www.pilotcruiser.com
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Fax:  703-620-1779
Email:  pilotcruiser@ccr.org

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